What will people think? — a reflection regarding politicized health

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Currently, everybody have experienced the situation of Covid-19 and it’s vaccination long enough to choose “the side”, form an opinion and read enough conflicting opinions to get confused in the process. When asking questions of what is right or wrong for you, you probably come across some weird questions: is it correct that governments have the freedom “for society’s good” to shut down economy and act like they are the ones who truly care for everybody’s health (just like that — suddenly)? Is this the medical pandemic that have caused the beginning processes of potentially unprecedented economic problems and large inflation? Does government’s responses, crisis management and decisions are truly based on medical situation without any other incentive? Are the vaccines created for the purpose of “everybody’s health” and heard immunity or for exploiting capitalism and getting rich?

As for now I haven’t found any straightforward answers of any of these questions just some speculations, dark theories and even darker potential predictions. But one is clear — the world is experiencing unprecedented times in 21st century and it will continue for a while.

Yet, while going trough frequent articles upon articles of government propaganda in the media to “get vaccinated”, I frequently come across very odd phrases like

“get vaccinated otherwise you are antisocial”;

“everybody who will not be vaccinated will die in the autumn”;

“you will make sick your grandmother and she then will die because of you”

“those who are not vaccinated are keeping the economy shut”

[my personal favorite, although quite old already] “only those who have died of Covid won’t celebrate Christmas”.

[oh, I simply love the communicative abilities of my country’s political leaders]

In turn of these quite loud phrases that have been said frequently without thinking are causing me to doubt the abilities of political leaders and their capability to act according to facts not fearmongering. However large part of the population starts to believe their language as it goes on for more than a year already. As the society gets more and more divided and even polarized in their opinions loosing the ability to hear “the other side”, one small, annoying voice in my head starts to activate before any decision or opinion raised:

What will people think?

This does not get better when it seems that everybody has an opinion on the topic “Covid vaccines” forgetting that all other vaccines have been around for ages and there haven’t been overall political or social incentive to vaccinate everybody on the planet at the same time. And I mean everybody — all 7.64 milliard people starting with the developed countries (or at least 70% of the population or 5.38 milliard people worldwide). Can you imagine — in 21st century when the medicine is developed industry and the human body have developed it’s own shield for viruses it is suddenly necessary to vaccinate everybody (not just most vulnerable; even those who have gotten natural immunity) on the planet and if you are doubting the need for it you are wrong and idiot and antisocial element, conspiracy theorist and whatnot.

What will the people think?

In Western world where the average population gets every year few years older than it would be desirable; in 21st century when you don’t need to be fit to survive, instead having enough attention to sit at the computer for almost all the waking hours is more desirable; the food is getting more processed every day and consumed so much that most of the people in the cities does not recognize the plant that the food comes from (or the process of getting meet for consumption)… Politicians are surprised of the mortality rates from Covid in decently healthy, old, and chronically ill patients… Maybe instead of shutting down gyms, making it illegal to leave houses and keep up moderately healthy (mentally and physically) life; we as a society and individuals should be encouraged to live as healthily as we can?

What will the people think?

Let’s say — you have decided to do the “right thing” and get vaccinated. How do you think what happens? You call, you get your date and time and you go there, kind of give some health info that you are eligible for the vaccine and no contraindications [oh, wait the people who are advocating the vaccines from the government’s side are stating that there is no contraindications that could prevent someone from getting the jab — how foolish of me to mention possibility of contraindications] and you get vaccinated as you already know the possible side-effects, then you go home in hope that you only get fatigue, painful arm and some temperature and then you wait for a few days to get your Covid vaccination certificate.

You see there is an interesting aspect to it. The Covid certificate allows you to “return in normal life” at least more normal than previously, but now you are bound to bring it with you everywhere where it is required “to enjoy your privileges because of vaccination” and as it is not official individual identification document you are required to bring your ID card or passport as well.

I have decided quite a long time ago — although the vaccine and the fact of vaccination is an acceptable to do at least for your own peace of mind, I am going to avoid as much as possible the requirement of using Covid certificate even if I will be left out of some activities or parties because of that — I truly don’t care, I don’t support this aspect of vaccination as it is my right to keep any medical information to myself. Yes, because of the decision to not to use the certificate whatever the conditions I will be seen as unvaccinated therefore everything that is connected with antivax community and conspiracy theorists etc. Am I wrong to do so? I don’t think so, but I know that basically society and government do think that it is completely and utterly wrong action…

Yeah, what will people think? It gets even more real when thinking of the rights as an individual and the line where something is done because of health, and where it is done because of political means and other shady reasons.

What will people think?

This question probably won’t leave my head for a long time, and I have no idea how long I’ll be able to stand my position regarding the right to keep medical information only between me and my doctor without sharing it with any social gathering place owners, clients, strangers and everyone else. Without having to experience undesirable consequences or restrictions just because I am not willing to share such things.

Disclaimer: This is a reflection that is based on experience, personal preferences and ideas. There are no facts or evidence to support or deny any of the accepted measures in the world due to Covid pandemic and it is not created as a material for any of the opinions. I hope for understanding in regards that this is just a reflection. Thank you, for your time it took you to read it!




I am writing about web development including topics like programming, UI/UX and SEO practices; and in between sharing personal experiences and life lessons.

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Ieva Petersone

Ieva Petersone

I am writing about web development including topics like programming, UI/UX and SEO practices; and in between sharing personal experiences and life lessons.

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